The quality of our agaves result in a top quality batteries. Slow known in brick ovens as a result give us this excellent smoky flavor. To further storage in our cellars.


The genus agave belongs to the family Agavaceae and includes numerous species from the desert areas of America, bloom once in their life and after flowering and fruit ripening die.


The agave plant once it is then matured cut is cleaned pineapple plant or facility that is used for obtaining tequila, this cutting process plant is called Jima.


Traditionally , pineapples are cooked in ovens masonry ( brick or concrete ), which can accommodate up to 20 tons. Close and injected steam, which creates an environment under pressure. The temperature at 60 degrees Celsius up and cook for 24-48 hours.


In the old process, the extraction of mead made ​​with a stone called bakery . It is a huge stone wheel that can reach up to two tons. Today, conveyors and a special machine to grind the cones are used, there agave juices are extracted.


A juice obtained by grinding is allowed to stand in the fermentation tanks where the juice or broth starts.


Fermented juices undergo two stills in the first is made and broken in the second grinding alcohols required for our tequila.


And the tequila obtained from our stills, puts in white oak barrels and allowed to stand for up to 36 months to get our different tequilas, rested, aged and extra aged.