We are a production company Michoacana Tequila 100 % blue agave , with the highest quality standards using the traditional method, baking ovens pineapples masonry resulting Tequila Artisan, unmatched quality and flavor.


Our goal is to be leaders in Tequila commerzialition in Michoacan, satisfying the most demanding palates throughout Mexico and worldwide, providing a product of high quality.


We aim to be the favorite Tequila company by our customers, nationally and globally.


Our ancestors used appointed Maguey name for aloe vera or aloe, used by the Spanish name for the whole plant were similar in the continent, these being more than 400 kinds of Agaves. It is known that over 400 years ago that tequila is produced, taking the name of the village where it is produced to Tequila, Jalisco. “Tequila means cutting stone.”

This drink is processed in the predominant blue agaves in the area as well as various mezcales Striped, DSingguin, Creole, etc. Mala Pata, being the date the Blue weber Tequilana only allowed for the production of Tequila, which is named after Herr Weber German botanist who in 1903 determined it was best to produce tequila.

Mezcal is called the product of the distillation of an agave juices fermentadosde. Then the tequila is mezcal in Mexico, in colloquial language, a maguey is any agave, the plant Magey is coming to pulque, a drink that is not distilled, and the agave plant is fermented juices which are obtine distilled a mezcal.

The genus agave belongs to the family Agavaceae and includes numerous species from the desert areas of America, bloom once in their life and after flowering and fruit ripening die. The ripening process of the plant is up to 8 years, the only permitoido Family agavaceae is blue weber Tequilana.